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Canal junction fee mixed water canal Ebersdorf

Detailed information Entry
excl VAT10,94 €
incl VAT12,034 €

canal confluence tax

For the possible connection to the public sewer system, a one-time sewer confluence fee must be paid. This means that the junction tax is also prescribed if there is no actual connection to the sewer system, but there is always the possibility of doing so (e.g. empty residential buildings, weekend houses, etc.)

The canal junction tax is calculated by multiplying the calculation area by the standard rate specified in the canal tax code.

The calculation area is determined in such a way that half of the built-up area (external dimensions) is multiplied by the number of floors connected to the sewage system increased by 1 and 15% of the undeveloped area of the property is added to this product. However, the undeveloped area is only taken into account up to a maximum of 500 m². Unconnected buildings or parts of buildings count as undeveloped areas.

According to the canal tax code, the unit rate is for connection to the

Combined sewer ............€ 14.49 per m² calculation area (excl. 10% VAT)

Wastewater sewer ....... € 10.94 per m² calculation area (excl. 10% VAT)


If the calculation area on which the canal junction fee is based changes (e.g. due to extension, roof conversion, increase in storey, etc.), the canal junction fee must be recalculated and an additional fee is due. The supplementary tax is the difference between the tax before the change and the tax after the recalculation. However, both charges must always be calculated using the standard rate applicable at the time of the recalculation.

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