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Bee Support Art Festival

  ... a cultural initiative for the bee

  Location: Klein Pöchlarn

  Date: 13./14. June 2014

A look at the bee was taken at the Bee Support Art Festival. Tried new perspectives.

There was a colorful program and Bee ART at its finest!

Bee (art) garden Dance projects Music and singing Poetry

Bee fairy tale Bee-PHOTO-art to pick Willow weave art

Bee-ARTenschutz-Info Bee Support Market Beehives

Bee puppet theater

Some of our program highlights:

"Nachttag" : violin, piano, percussions and a book. Enchanting fusion of music and poetry.

Artists: Mario Kern (poetry) and the dream catchers Christoph Rabl and Christina Gaismeier.

More information:

Nina Stögmüller, author of fairy tales:

">Once upon a time... there was a bee.< To ensure that this sentence never becomes reality, I want to use my fairy tale contribution to draw attention and remind people big and small how important bees are to us."

At the Art Festival, Nina will read her bee fairy tale for the first time, which she has written especially for this occasion. Information about the author:

fairy tales on threads

The traditional marionette theater fairy tales on threads brings magical stories from antiquity to the present day, fairy tales and legends, but also classics from world literature. The piece, which was specially developed for the BEE SUPPORT project and will celebrate its premiere at the ART FESTIVAL, is called:

"The Poison-Spouting Kukuruz, or The Mystery of the Missing Bees"

A greedy king can no longer collect the highest taxes due to crop failures. The new grain of an unscrupulous sorcerer is just what he needs. With the help of a miracle cure, it guarantees 100% crop yield! But suddenly the bees disappear and with them the fruit and vegetables. Whoever manages to solve the riddle should get the hand of the princess. But she has long been in love with the gardener Martin. Together they set off...

Leo Grausam,

BiRi BiRi

Fresh, cheeky and free from the liver, but also profound and thought-provoking - this is how the songs and lyrics of the duo BiRi BiRi present themselves. Let's forget categories, even if we think we urgently need them: where swing and waltz as well as pop and 11/8 bars meet in a program, categories are completely out of place anyway. Music that not only wants to sprinkle, but also says something - that is the goal of the two musicians Rita Goller (piano) and Birgit Kubica (vocals), who therefore deliberately decided to write their lyrics in Austrian. Less is more - following this motto, no other instruments are used, offering the listener a transparent symbiosis of piano and voice or tones and words.


"Beautiful is this life" (program title)

Daniela Sainitzer & Erich Schacherl (DanjEsch) from the Austrian Waldviertel play "soul songs" that arise from love, joy, awareness, responsibility and spirituality. With acoustic guitar and voice, the two conjure up melodies, harmonies and lyrics with universal messages that touch everyone. They are on the road to tune the audience into the energies of the "New Era" with their music. They are songs for the health of body, soul and spirit.

Ballet group music school Nibelungengau

The students of Elisabeth Böck's dance classes at the Nibelungengau Music School take part in the festival with the "Tanzgruppe Bienchenschwarm". The swarm of bees consists of 11 students between the ages of 7 and 13 (chorus de ballet: 9 girls, pas de deux: a boy and his sister)

A little story about bees and bee deaths is danced: dance of the beetles, dance of the bees, PasDeDeux, conclusion (death - a bee dies from the nectar it has eaten).


The "Historical Dance Group Gaudeamus" from Upper Austria shows dances of the nobility and also of the common people from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


... we look forward to many creative-artistic, environmental and entomological as well as beekeeping contributions from well-known artists, incredibly committed schools and great project partners:

Studio on the Danube

The "Atelier an der Donau" is an initiative of Lower Austrian artists and has been organizing a remarkable symposium of contemporary art in Pöchlarn, the birthplace of Oskar Kokoschka, since 2006. Artists from all over the world come to work creatively and to exhibit their works. At the end of the symposium, the art prize of the city of Pöchlarn will be awarded in the categories of painting, sculpture and graphics. The works of art then embark on a long exhibition journey through the artists' far-flung home countries. This time they will also dedicate one or the other work of art to the bee - at the symposium in September and sometimes even before, in time for the ART FESTIVAL.

Atanas Kolev (sculptor, artistic director "Atelier on the Danube")

The artist was born in Bulgaria, where he began his professional career as an artist in 1980. In 1989 he came to Austria to continue his work as a sculpture artist. He mainly works with metal. In 2006 he founded the association "Atelier an der Donau" in Pöchlarn, which organizes the renowned international symposium of the same name every year.

At the BEE SUPPORT ART FESTIVAL he will present his bee sculpture, which will remain in the bee park.

Heinz Knapp (Member "Atelier an der Donau")

"If you want to save the world, start with the bees and a whole colony will thank you."

With this awareness, I would like to set an example and join this first, very important step. In order to support the bee colony, I will design a beehive and thus give value to this globally very worrying topic with my artistic expression.

Heinz Knapp was born in Pöchlarn in 1947 and lives as a freelance painter and sculptor in Emmersdorf/Donau.

MoSoTe Monika Sonnleitner-Temper

Monika Sonnleitner-Temper comes from Ybbs an der Donau, is a board member of the "Atelier an der Donau" and a painter by passion and vocation. After 20 years in management in the construction industry, she decided in 1999 to devote herself to painting in the future and began to learn the "new craft". "In my opinion, it is necessary to learn everything properly first, and then it is possible to pour in a talent, a feeling and all your creativity." She lends some of her creativity, talent and feeling to our BEE SUPPORT project. This is how BEE SUPPORT caricatures have already been created and she has conjured up a true work of art from an ordinary bee box with a brush, paint and a lot of creativity.

Nick Grabner (passionate hairdresser, body painter, sculpture artist and beekeeper from Klein Pöchlarn; )

"I want to help create awareness that each and every one of us can contribute something to bee protection through our consumer behavior and dealing with nature. If only one person takes something home from 'Bee Support - The Bee Protection Project', that's how it was worth the effort!"

Nick will create "Seedbombs" for the visitors at the Bee Support Art Festival. He also designed two wooden bee sculptures "to BEE or not to BEE" (2 m tall) for the bee park.

Andrea Indrich

Andrea Indrich has been working as a freelance photographer since 2013 and lives in Steyr, Upper Austria. In 2008 she completed the college for media technology and media management, training module PHOTOGRAPHY and audiovisual MEDIA at the Graphische in Vienna. In 2012 she trained as a make-up artist in order to be able to combine make-up and photography. Photography has accompanied her since she was young and has never let her go. She is a passionate photographer, true to the motto "Collect moments not things". At the ART FESTIVAL she presents her "BEE moments" photographed especially for BEE SUPPORT on canvas.

Volunteer fire brigade Klein Pöchlarn

The members of the Klein Pöchlarn volunteer fire brigade will ignite the "Burning Bees" on Saturday evening - as part of their traditional midsummer bonfire, which will be held together with the ART FESTIVAL. The Burning Bees are a flaming memorial symbolizing the "bees" as a burning subject. These are large wooden bees that are placed around a beehive and set on fire together with the "basket" at the end of the festival. The memorial can be seen from the festival grounds as well as from the Danube (shipping) and Pöchlarn.

nature in the garden

The Lower Austrian platform "Nature in the garden" (keep healthy what keeps us healthy) supports the bee park and the Bee Support Art Festival financially as well as with advice and recommendations for ecological gardening.

Elementary school Klein Pöchlarn

The Klein-Pöchlarn elementary school is a small school in the Melk district. The school children are happy to take part in the Bee Support, the bee festival, and will design large bees: for setting up outdoors, in front of the school building, on the meadow, on the dam in Klein-Pöchlarn. Just as each bee is unique, each "kid bee" will also be an individually designed work of art by the students.

beekeeping club

The local beekeepers belong to the Pöggstall beekeeping association, which is not only active in beekeeping, but also maintains a beekeeping museum in Pöggstall Castle. They support the ART FESTIVAL with advice and action from bee experts.


Bees, wild bees and other insects pollinate around a third of our food, for up to 75% they are significantly involved in the success of the harvest. But our current, industrialized agricultural system, monocultures and the massive use of pesticides are increasingly endangering our bees. We are literally sawing off the branch we are sitting on. And there are alternatives

In the course of the bee campaign, Greenpeace is committed to a change in agriculture, away from chemical-intensive industrialized agriculture towards organic agricultural methods. The environmentalists will be available at the ART FESTIVAL with a stand for information about bees.

Warth beekeeping school

The Warth Beekeeping School offers a diverse training program and competent advice on everything to do with beekeeping. The training beekeeping with around 180 bee colonies is available. The focus is on training to become a skilled beekeeper and master beekeeper, but courses for newcomers are also offered at five different locations throughout Lower Austria.


At the BEE SUPPORT ART FESTIVAL, the Warth Beekeeping School provides information about the path from newcomers to master beekeeper training.

Pupils and teachers of

Lower Austrian Eco-Middle School Pöchlarn

At the BEE SUPPORT ART FESTIVAL in Klein Pöchlarn, the NNÖ ÖKO middle school in Pöchlarn gives guests an insight into the world of the wild relatives of our honey bees under the title "WILD BEE - BIENENKUNST - ART GARDEN".

Possibilities are shown of introducing these other - often little noticed - helpers in pollination and pest control into their gardens. And these beneficial insect hotels can also be designed very creatively and artistically and transform the natural garden into an art garden - in the spirit of the culture festival.

Stiftsgymnasium Melk

Mag. Ruth Divinzenz, Mag. Cornelia Haselböck, MMag. Johannes Fonatsch


- LAND ART Project Stiftsgymnasium Melk (at the Donaulände / bee park)

Based on the Erndt ceramics manufactory in Klein Pöchlarn and the clay quarrying there, large, colorful mandala flowers (diameter approx. 70/80cm) are made from glazed ceramics and placed in the ground. These are made to bloom with flower seeds and complemented by a ceramic bee.

- Wild bee nesting aids

Furthermore, interesting wild bee nest hotels are built, in the form of a cube-shaped mirror box and a hollow oak trunk section.

Langenlois Horticultural School

The horticultural school is one of three technical schools (4-year training as a gardener), a boarding school with around 200 students from all over Austria. With a teaching nursery and a publicly accessible show garden on the school grounds.

Christian Kittenberger: "The horticultural school provides plants for the bee park and helps students to design the park as part of practical lessons. The teachers provide specialist support and advice right from the start, right through to the implementation and maintenance of the system ."

Johannes Kepler University Linz

The seminar class "Practice of cultural work" of the cultural management course at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (bachelor's degree "Cultural Studies") is involved in the organization of the Bee Support Art Festival as part of the course under the direction of Mag. Tobias Hundertpfund. From working on the content of the event to finding and supporting project partners, artists and sponsors to creative PR and social media marketing, the students are very committed to the task at hand.

More information and program highlights will be available soon.

Pick an idea and join in!

"SUMM - Worksong of the bees" (music project)

"The Bee Fairy" (fairy tale)

"Yellow-Black-Across" (painting project)

"Bienchenschwarm" (dance project) --> theme, implementation in planning with children's ballet group of the music school Nibelungengau

"The last beekeeper." (Sculpture)

"To Bee or not to Bee" (play)

"Waldviertel beehive - free entry" (country art project)

"Burning Bee" (sunset memorial on the Danube) --> topic covered, implementation in planning

"The Honey Squadron" (radio play installation)

"Honi Gma Shin Enod Ero Horses Rkult Urland Shank" (Liter Aturpro Jekt)

... become a Bee Support artist, pick an idea and join in! Of course you are also welcome to develop your own ideas. It doesn't matter whether it's a club, group or individual, hobby artist, professional artist or bee activist, Waldviertler or not, ... get in touch with us and Be(e) Support Artist!

Click here for Austria's first bee park, which was opened on the occasion of this event

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