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Klein-Pöchlarn Village Renewal Association


The goals of the association extend across several areas:

Interesting fields of activity range from bench maintenance to cultural events.

Through the composition of the association's board across all professional groups, we have succeeded in creating a very positive, open discussion platform that attempts to reconcile interests that are sometimes far apart.

Our common goal is to create an infrastructure that is suitable for Klein-Pöchlarn - from an intellectual, ecological and economic perspective. This means constantly paying attention to and reacting to changes, especially in our society - and a lot is happening here!

We have to promote good, positive ideas and diversity and pay attention to legitimate criticism - what else constitutes quality of life? And that's exactly what we're about!

We warmly invite you to work together – be it on the board, on individual projects, or as a visitor to our events.


Date Events Town
19:00 o'Clock
Treibkultur CONCERT at the end of the summer Danube Lands
10:00 - 15:00 o'Clock
Toy swap market Ballroom Klein-Pöchlarn


Town: Sebastianstraße 14
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn

-Number: 412497582


Kreisa Monika

Sebastianstraße 14
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn


Steiner Gerald

Donaublick 2
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn


Divinzenz Irmgard

Schulstraße 10
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn


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