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Presidential election 2022

Important additional information:

The turnout is without absentee ballots issued, so the absentee ballots should actually be added, since none of the 101 absentee ballots issued are taken into account in the election result, since these votes will not be counted until Monday at the district authority. That would increase voter turnout to 77.94%.

The 19 absentee ballots listed represent the absentee ballots that were handed over by couriers at the polling station and forwarded to the district elections authorities; these are not reflected in the election results.


Voter 839
Votes cast
... of which valid 542
... of which invalid 11
Issued Voting Cards 19

Result electoral district 1 and therefore also the entire municipality of Klein-Pöchlarn

Voters' group Vote Share
Brunner Dr. Michael 7 1,29%
Grosz Gerald 43 7,93%
Rosenkranz Dr. Walter 111 20,48%
Staudinger Heinrich 12 2,21%
Van der Bellen Dr. Alexander 275 50,74%
Wallentin Dr. Tassilo 41 7,56%
Wlazny Dr. Dominik 53 9,78%

Distribution of Votes

  • Brunner Dr. Michael(Brunner Dr. Michael)7
  • Grosz Gerald(Grosz Gerald)43
  • Rosenkranz Dr. Walter(Rosenkranz Dr. Walter)111
  • Staudinger Heinrich(Staudinger Heinrich)12
  • Van der Bellen Dr. Alexander(Van der Bellen Dr. Alexander)275
  • Wallentin Dr. Tassilo(Wallentin Dr. Tassilo)41
  • Wlazny Dr. Dominik(Wlazny Dr. Dominik)53

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