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The parish of Klein-Pöchlarn spreads out on the left bank of the Danube and lies opposite the parish of Groß-Pöchlarn.

It covers the area from the Wimmerbach (1284 Geppenbach) to the Weizenbach near Ebersdorf and the valley rising from the Danube towards the north with Saulackenberg, Tachertberg, Klosterberg and Rinderberg, which is cut through by the ditches of the Talheimbach and Mühlbach.

Pastor Alois Plesser, who was a pastor here from 1906 until his death in 1937, writes in the articles on the history of the Klein-Pechlarn parish published in 1911:

The parish belongs to the deanery of St. Oswald and covers a flat area on the Danube with the floodplains and the terraced mountainous area of the northern part of the Danube valley.

The beautifully situated market spreads out in a semicircular hollow, which is surrounded by a rocky terrace to the north, east and west, but opens towards the Danube in the south and was therefore partially exposed to flooding. The altitude of the parish is 213 meters. The wide Klosterberg reaches around 400 meters and the heights visible in the north near Nussendorf behind Artstetten rise to 600 meters.

The south-sloping slopes were once lined with vineyards, which have now disappeared except for a few traces. The market is built irregularly and forms several alleys and small squares. Nearby there were two factories for clay kilns and clinker bricks and other pottery, which obtained their material from the rich clay deposits on the Tachertberg.

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