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December 11th - Advent window of the kindergarten - small group (group 3)

Warning: this entry is no longer current!

The event will take place as planned.


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Many thanks to everyone who is taking part in our third “Advent Window Advent Calendar” this year and thus contributing to the atmospheric Advent in Klein-Pöchlarn! A decorated window is opened every day, shortening our time until December 24th. We have put together a list so that you don't miss any of the wonderful calendar windows.

December 1st Kindergarten – main group Schulstrasse 2

December 2nd Ms. Lisbeth Weinstabl Sonnenstraße 1

December 3rd Family Markus and Szilvia Malle Sonnenstraße 19

December 4th Company WS-technik To ferry 4/Top 2 (dam side)

December 5th The Werner family and Angie Tober Bahnhofstrasse 16

December 6th Ms. Ludmilla Geharth Blumengasse 12

December 7th Zawadil family/Wagner Bahnhofstrasse 30

December 8th Waltinger Family Am Tonberg December 17th

December 9th elementary school Schulstrasse 2

December 10th Family Divinenz Bahnhofstrasse 12

December 11th Kindergarten - small group (group 3) Johannesstraße 2

December 12th Ms. Anita Lechner Bahnhofstrasse 13

December 13th Sarah and Raphael Hofbauer on platform 11

December 14th Ringseis Ötscherblick family 21st

December 15th music club with music. Umr. Artstettner Straße 7 (municipal office)

December 16th Lagler Company Artstettner Straße 9

December 17th Ms. Ingrid Steinbrunner Marktgasse 5

December 18th Family Harald and Petra Schmid Artstettner Straße 16

December 19th Martin Hähnel and Patrick Pokorny Kirchenstrasse 5/2

December 20th Family Walter and Anni Eß Sebastianstrasse 8

December 21st Brunnbauer family Kremser Straße 17

December 22nd Dober family Augasse 23 (dam side)

December 23rd FF Klein-Pöchlarn m.Punschst. Artstettner Straße 7

December 24th Parish of Klein-Pöchlarn Kirchenstrasse 10

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Townkindergarten - small group (group 3)
Johannesstraße 2
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn

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