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Forest bathing - Experience the healing power of the forest

The event will take place as planned.


CC0 photo from adrian_infernus / Unsplash

Come with me into the forest and immerse yourself in the magical world of forest bathing.

Forest bathing is not an ordinary walk in the park. It is a conscious experience in which we concentrate on the senses and allow the healing power of nature to work on us. Through various sensory exercises, meditation and mindfulness exercises, we experience nature with all of our senses. Studies prove the positive effects of forest bathing on our health.

With forest bathing you can...

promote stress reduction

improve your sleep

increase the production of anti-cancer proteins and the formation of killer cells

strengthen your immune system

If you are looking for peace and relaxation and

want to connect deeply with nature, then contact me

I look forward to hearing from you!


Duration approx. three hours

Cost € 49,-

More information & registration

+43 (0) 650 828 49 96

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Sa, 27/07/2024
Sa, 17/08/2024
Su, 25/08/2024
Sa, 07/09/2024
Su, 15/09/2024
Sa, 28/09/2024
TownIn the forest in Klein-Pöchlarn
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn
Event venuesIn the forest in Klein-Pöchlarn

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Contact data of Haselböck Sarah - Zertifizierte Waldbadetrainerin
OrganizerHaselböck Sarah - Zertifizierte Waldbadetrainerin
AddressSchulstraße 32
3660 Klein-Pöchlarn
Telephone+43 650 8284996

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