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Circular region Melk-Scheibbs


In the picture from left to right: Klaus Nagelhofer (EcoPlus), Hannes Fitzthum (LLK), Hubert Seiringer (Seiringer Umweltservice GmbH), Josef Rathbauer (HBLFA Franzisco Josefinum), Elisabeth Wopienka (BEST), Emmerich Haimer (FH WN, Wieselburg), Harald Riemer (Chairman GVU SCheibbs), Martin Leonhartsberger (Chairman Irene Sedlmayer (BEST), Thomas Prenner (Managing Director GVU Scheibbs), Martin Ritt (Managing Director GVU Melk), Florian Kamleitner (ECOPlus) © Marktgemeinde Klein-Pöchlarn

Master plan for the region

The two municipal associations of Melk and Scheibbs, together with Ecoplus, launched a new initiative for a circular economy in the two districts.

On 5 June, the master plan for the Melk-Scheibbs circular region was presented in the Mank town hall.

The goal of the network is ambitious. The aim is to achieve 100% climate neutrality in the region by 2035. How exactly this can work was addressed in 7 fields of action. From the reduction of the use of plastics to the use of biogas in the energy sector to climate-neutral logistics, several relevant positions are being taken to achieve the goal.

The project is to be supervised by a project manager (current job advertisement in the PDF below) for the next 3 years. An extension for another 2 years is envisaged. Financing is provided by the funding scheme for innovations in rural areas.

The project is supported by the two municipal associations for environmental protection of the districts of Scheibbs and Melk, the leading companies of the region, municipal representatives and various support structures such as the Leader regions as well as research institutions.
Through cooperation, a network of the individual actors is to be created, with the goal of climate neutrality in the Melk and Scheibbs region.

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