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The GEM2GO app is being modernized!

The optimized GEM2GO app brings a breath of fresh air into community life with the free update, ensures more user-friendliness and offers important advantages for citizens. The feedback from cities, municipalities and users collected over the last few years was carefully evaluated. Some of this can be found in the optimized GEM2GO app.

The GEM2GO app becomes more intuitive and user-friendly. This means that all important information from the municipality is already available to users on the homepage - similar to social media, this homepage is designed as a "feed", meaning that the most current and relevant information is immediately available. With the memory function, users can also save important entries in the future or share them with friends.

The update is free and will be available to all users for download in spring 2024.

More information about the GEM2GO app or to download it can be found here:

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