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Your vote counts! Herzensmensch Community 2023: Vote now!

20/09/2023 09:25

The Kronen Zeitung is currently looking for the most club-friendly community. The market town of Klein-Pöchlarn made it into the preselection and needs every vote from now on. 
From now on, Krone: family-friendly community for Klein-Pöchlarn can be voted here, if you like, even hourly (possible every 60 minutes). 
The work of the many volunteers cannot do without the support of the local administration: That's why the “Krone” is once again looking for the most club-friendly community this year. Vote for the market town of Klein-Pöchlarn here. 
Clubs keep every city and every village alive - without them the place would be quiet and gray. On the other hand, the volunteers also need the full support of their home community in their work, and not just in financial terms. Anyone who takes care of their clubs as a municipality can now benefit twice: This year, as part of the Herzensmensch campaign, the “Krone” and service volunteers are once again looking for the most club-friendly community in the country, which can look forward to a great Herzensmensch festival next year. 
Vote now! The “Krone” has received numerous submissions in the last few weeks, and the nominees have now been chosen. The deadline for entries is October 10, 2023.

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