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Violence has many faces...
Countering domestic violence against women with moral courage

Violence occurs in all parts of our society in a wide variety of forms and situations. However, it is often directed against women and children. Headlines about a new femicide cause consternation among the population. Many wonder whether such a murder could not have been prevented.

Civil courage can be part of a solution. When asked about this, people also feel insecure: Am I endangering myself if I intervene? Do I even have the right to interfere in someone else's relationship? What if I'm wrong and wrongly suspect people around me?

The folding card “Recognize & React to Violence” (download at explains what signs of domestic violence can be. It is particularly important for so-called multipliers, i.e. people who are in contact with many other people, to recognize this. The next step is to react - there are tips for this too:     Listen to a woman openly and unbiasedly.    Show that you have noticed the situation, give a feeling of security and signal your willingness to help.    And above all: pass on the information about where the woman can get support from experts.
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In Lower Austria there is a well-developed network of facilities that offer help in emergencies. First aid and information is available on the website There you will also find a video that summarizes the contents of the folding map.

A map of Lower Austria provides an overview of the aid facilities in Lower Austria. A first step out of the spiral of violence can be advice (in different languages) from a women's and girls' advice center. These help free of charge, anonymously and confidentially. Women's advice centers can be found in all parts of the country. Women's shelters offer protection and accommodation for affected women and their children. Women's shelters are available around the clock and every day and admission can take place at any time. The violence protection center supports victims of violence in protecting their rights and also accompanies them during criminal proceedings.

The woman concerned can contact the police directly (emergency number 133), especially in an emergency. The police can issue a ban on entry and approach (duration 14 days) and then inform the violence protection center to support the victim. If there are children or young people living in the household, child and youth welfare services will be called in.
The victim protection organizations work closely with the police to support women affected by violence in solving problems. This can also include help in finding a job or apartment or support with childcare.

Overview of contact points in our region (note: please fill in telephone numbers):     Nearest women's and girls' advice center:    Nearest women's shelter:    Lower Austria Violence Protection Center:    Police emergency number: 133    Nearest state hospital:    Nearest child and youth welfare office (BH)

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