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Expected road closure in Pöchlarn from 01.07. to 25.08.2024 (underpass at Danube bridge)


General repair of railway underpass - actual traffic routing

As there have recently been an increasing number of calls to the municipal office and questions on Facebook about what is now closed and how, here is an explanation:

The existing railway underpass on the B 209 state road in Pöchlarn is undergoing general repairs. As a result, truck traffic will be diverted via the Ybbs and Melk Danube bridges. The Danube bridge itself, the Klein-Pöchlarn ramp and the roundabout at the bridge in Pöchlarn are fully accessible at all times. This means that all commuters can drive to the train station or to their place of work by car or bus. The underpasses in Pöchlarn near the warehouse and in Ornding can be used as a car diversion to the B1 federal road or to the motorway entrance and exit in Pöchlarn. Due to the low clearance heights, however, trucks have to use the diversions over the Ybbs and Melk Danube bridges to get to locations south of the railway in Pöchlarn. The same applies when trucks want to drive from the motorway to Klein-Pöchlarn on the northern bank of the Danube. Truck journeys to companies in the center of Pöchlarn and to the railway are also possible over the Danube bridge.

Now to the construction site itself:

Initial situation

South of the Danube bridge in the southeast of Pöchlarn, the B 209 state road crosses the Westbahn with an underpass. In 1989, this underpass was built as a so-called "black tub" with a total length of 145.0 m. The object has suffered massive damage over time - especially in the roadway area - and water leaks repeatedly occur in the area of the structural joints.

For these reasons, the Lower Austrian Road Service (Bridge Construction Department) has decided to carry out a general overhaul of the underpass.

Work execution

The main work includes the renovation of the existing floor slab, the walls, and the repair of the raised curbs. In addition, the structural joints will be repaired and the sealing and bituminous layers of the roadway will be renewed.

The work will be carried out by PORR Bau GmbH Tiefbau from Krems as part of a total closure during the summer holidays from July 1 to August 25, 2024.

The construction site area extends from the intersection with the municipal road (main road to Ornding) to the B 209 / L 104 / L 5333 roundabout. During the closure, truck traffic will be diverted via the B 1 and B 3a state roads (south of the Danube) and via the B 3 (north of the Danube) or via the Ybbs Danube bridge, driving on the municipal road (main road to Ornding) will always be possible.

The total costs of around €390,000 will be borne entirely by the state of Lower Austria. The Lower Austrian Road Service asks all road users for their understanding during the construction work.

Press contact: OFFICE OF THE LOWER AUSTRIA STATE GOVERNMENT, Road Group - ST1 Citizen Information, Gertraud Mühlbachler - Mobile: +43 676 812 60 144 - Email:

Here is the information on the diversion:

The underpass basin along the B209 from km 0.790 - km 1.060 will be renovated between July 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024 at the latest. The construction site area extends from the intersection with the municipal road "Hauptstraße" to the roundabout B209/L104/L5333. Driving on the municipal road "Hauptstraße" is always possible without hindrance.

The diversion route, which is prescribed and signposted in accordance with Section 90 of the Road Traffic Act 1960, is as follows: B209 from the roundabout - B3 (northern bank of the Danube) to Emmersdorf to the B3a (Melk Danube Bridge) and the B1 back to Ornding to the B209. Coming from the northern bank of the Danube (B3), driving to the center of Pöchlarn and to the Lasselsberger and GUV companies is possible without hindrance. Driving on the B209 from the roundabout in the direction of B1 through the underpass is not possible. The diversion signs to the A1 in the direction of Vienna will be via the Melk Danube Bridge and in the direction of Linz via the Ybbs power station. The truck ban on the B1 between Melk and Ybbs and on the B3 between Emmersdorf and Persenbeug will be lifted for the duration of the closure.

We will of course try to complete the construction work as quickly as possible in order to keep the disruption period as short as possible.



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