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Disposal at the garbage collection islands (glass and scrap metals)

Abgestellte Glasflaschen

Dear community citizens!

In the event that the collection containers for glass and scrap metal containers are full, we ask you to go to another collection point in the area or to throw the garbage into these containers in another municipality.

Glass bottles in particular increase the risk of injuries. If bottles placed next to containers are accidentally knocked over and the bottles break and glass splinters remain, someone can be injured - even seriously. In addition, the garbage disposal would not be responsible for taking these bottles away, as only the container is emptied. This would then stop them.

Above all, such shutdowns have knock-on effects. If someone puts one or more bottles down, bottles will be added again and again and the bottles will keep increasing. In addition, it is not good for the townscape.

If it is overfilled, please throw it in at another collection point.

In Klein-Pöchlarn you will find the islands at the generation park car park on the B3, at the Klein-Pöchlarn building yard on Artstettner Straße and at Rottenberggasse.

There are also some in the surrounding communities.

You should also be able to find one at the Wörth recycling collection center.

Here is the link to the GVU website where you can find the collection islands:

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