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Community cooperation - purchase of a weed killer


v.l. Bgm. Karl Höfer, Bgm. Gerlinde Schwarz und Bgm. Ing. Johannes Weiß

In a cooperative initiative between the communities of Klein-Pöchlarn, Leiben and Artstetten, an innovative weed killer from the company "Bakom" was recently purchased. The device is a hot air method that is powered by propane gas. This new technology enables effective weed control without direct contact with the ground with an open flame, thus significantly minimizing the risk of fires.

Traditional methods of weed control can often involve some risk, particularly in dry and heat-prone areas such as our communities. The new device offers a safe alternative as it does not bring an open flame to the ground and still effectively controls weeds.

The mayors of Klein-Pöchlarn, Leiben and Artstetten were present when the device was delivered and handed it over to the employees in time for the start of the green space maintenance season. This investment in innovative technologies underlines the communities' commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly green space maintenance.

With this new weed killer, communities can not only maintain their green spaces more efficiently, but also help reduce environmental impact. It is another step towards a cleaner and safer environment for all citizens.

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